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The Soccer Headhunter

02/15/2012, 12:32pm EST
By Matt Brown

YESsoccer Recruitment Never Stops

My coaches have started to land. Craig Wrigglesworth last Friday, Bryce Waddington Tuesday evening, Matt Hodgson last night.  

I recruit international coaches for YESsoccer and place them in clubs across the U.S. I'm a soccer headhunter.

My year-round process of identifying, interviewing, assessing, contracting, and installing the best and brightest young soccer coaches comes to fruition with the start of our spring training programs around the U.S.  

This spring, summer and fall I will be placing coaches from the U.K., Italy, Switzerland, and Australia, among other places, into clubs from Tuscarora, PA, to the Texas Rush.   

But that's only where my job begins.

My most important role is to ensure that each coach is assimilated into the club they serve - smoothly and quickly - so that the club can receive the maximum benefit from the training relationship. Each club is different, and it's my responsibility to make sure that they have the right coach to meet their needs. 

We call these embedded coaches 'YESambassadors,' as they become a true member of the club and community. They develop players, coaches, and also friendships.  

YESambassadors work with clubs to develop short and long-term development plans that will help them retain players and instill a love of our beautiful game.  

At YESsoccer we believe that any time we can help parents get better training for their kids, closer to home, we have done a good thing.  

So look for one of my coaches landing soon near you...

Matt Brown @yttaM_ is Chief Operating Officer of YESsoccer and an avid Liverpool fan. Contact him at


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