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By Tom Butler, 07/26/12, 10:00AM EDT


A Thousand Facebook Likes in One Year

"Watch and Learn..."

That was the phrase my Dad used on a daily basis when I was a young and eager soccer player growing up in England.  He wanted me to build my knowledge and understanding of our beautiful game by playing it, watching it, reading about it, and quite simply falling in love with it. 

YESsoccer uses social media to help our partner clubs foster the same love for soccer among their young players.  When we started YES in 2011 we decided to utilize social media to create a continuous learning environment for youth players, coaches and parents.   

In just 18 months, YES has received its 1000th 'Like' on Facebook! This is a nice milestone in our mission to engage the entire family in a love for soccer and healthy activity.   

Are you part of the YES community?  For YES updates, videos, photos, news, competitions and soccer news, 'Like' us today on Facebook, 'Follow' us on Twitter, 'Subscribe' to us on YouTube, 'Add' us on Google+, Interact with our YESStaff on Linkedin and 'Share' your YESMemories on Instagram. 

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Tom Butler is the director of social media and the New England regional manager for YESsoccer.  Contact him at  

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