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Why We Coach

By H.B. Mertz , 07/25/14, 4:00PM EDT


Part One - Practical

Why do we coach?

Over the 4th of July weekend YESsoccer hosted an interactive orientation for the new class of coaches serving our New England region. Before an intrasquad friendly, a Family Feud-style drivers test, and grilled cheeseburgers, we shared in a serious discussion about "purpose" as it relates to coaching and our company.

We asked the coaches about their motives for coaching, we shared our motives for growing our company, and we told them that there are three things that we would like to see them get out of their time here:  

1. To Become More Professional.

We expect our coaches to buy into the importance of "showing up."

How to show up early, show up in proper kit, and show up with passion for your work. We talked about the simplicity and power of being the coach - and the company - that shows up every time. 

2. To Build Your CV. 

We want coaching for YESsoccer to be the highlight of 'Work Experience' on any CV.

Our coaches make us a great company. They get better and make us better in their time here. And we love to give them glowing references to advance their careers.   

3. To Become a Better Coach.

Of course. But this transcends coaching. And soccer. We know that becoming a better coach will make you a better manager. 

Coaching is strategizing, planning, and organizing. Coaching is communicating, teaching, persuading, and empathizing. And at its heart, coaching is leadership, and leaders get criticized and second-guessed - so coaching teaches you to cope.  

All of which makes coaching a great training ground for management, and therefore a great way to start a career - in any business.  

We think these are three sound, practical, career-oriented reasons to coach for YESsoccer. But is that "purpose?" Is that really why we coach?

I'll tell you what we think in Part Two...  

H.B. Mertz @YESPres is an entrepreneur, coach, and owner of YESsoccer