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Youth Elite Soccer Camps


My son loves it, comes home from camp each day learning something new. He gained confidence and skills! Kept him active and busy all day during summer! It's nice to have soccer available during summer months because it's such a long stretch from spring to fall seasons.

YESCamps - Sunny Days

Little Sparks


  • Little Sparks gives children their very first steps in soccer.
  • For players aged between 2 and 5 years.
  • Little Sparks uses imaginative stories and the fun of ‘play’ to develop a love for the game.



  • Community YEScamps are based on our imaginative FUNdamental approach to youth soccer coaching.
  • The main objectives of Community YEScamps are to combine the overall development of the child’s physical capacities and fundamental movement skills with an introduction into the key components of soccer. 
  • Community YEScamps are also designed to spark each child's soccer imagination.


  • Team YEScamps are based on a ‘Learning to Train’ approach to soccer coaching. Team YEScamps build on fundamental movement skills while educating players in the five pillars of the game of soccer: technical, tactical, physical, psychological and social. 
  • Players will participate in a 70:30 training to competition ratio so that they can instantly apply new techniques in game related exercises.
  • YESsoccer understands that at this age players progress at various rates; with this in mind, coaching staff use a variety of coaching techniques to identify the player's level of ability and maturity, and then challenge and equip them to advance to the next level.  


  • YESsoccer Goalkeeper, Striker and Defender specialty camps move through a "Training to Train," to a "Training to Compete," to a "Training to Win" pathway to development.  Speciality YEScamps optimise fitness preparation, position-specific skills and performance.
  • Specialty YEScamps are built on a 60:40 training to competition ratio with players experiencing a high level of competition-specific training activities in a variety of competition conditions.
  • Players will also learn how to manage their bodies pre-game, in-game, and post-game using nutritional and hydration education to maximize performance.