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YEStraining focuses on player, coach, and club development.  We understand that each club's needs are different, so our offering guide is intended to be customized. 

To connect with a YESsoccer Director to discuss a customized development plan for your club, please email us at


A YESambassador is an elite international soccer coach recruited for and dedicated to your club. He or she lives in your community and can be used by your club to train and coach your players and teams whenever and however you choose. With our reasonable weekly rate, you won't waste time tracking hours and you'll finally have the flexible professional coaching your club has been looking for. 


A YESclinician is available at a reasonable hourly rate to help you develop your club on a task-specific basis. From player evaluations to coach education, a YESclinician will help your club stretch your budget and retain your players. YESclinicians are available for tryouts, game analysis, position specific clinics, private sessions, team practices, and more. Imagine the possibilities for your club!  


YESconnect is a soccer staffing solution, connecting your club, community or organization with full time, year-round elite international coaches anywhere across the United States. Learn More About YESconnect

Soccer Schools

Soccer Schools are individual training programs specifically designed for competitive travel soccer players (Boys & Girls) looking for supplementary training beyond their team practices. YESsoccer will set up a Soccer School in your community during Spring, Fall or Winter, run the registration, and collect the tuition, all at no cost to your board.  

"Soccer is booming in Bucksport right now and YESsoccer is a major part of the success"

Richard Rotella, Bucksport ME

"My experience with Nat for our Pre-K program has been outstanding."

- Skip Starks, Colchester CT