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Coach In The U.S.

2015 Coach Recruitment is OPEN! 

As a full service soccer development company, we never stop looking for the most talented youth coaches in the soccer industry, and we always have a wide variety of coaching positions available for the right candidates.

 Our YESambassadors and YESclinicians typically coach in the spring and fall seasons and are placed with youth soccer organizations, nationwide.

Our YEScamp staff typically coach in the summer season and are placed at different camp programs each week.

Coaches can apply to work one, two or all of the above seasons  

YESsoccer also offers direct placements into year-round positions through our YESconnect program. YESconnect is our soccer staffing agency, offering clubs a complete HR solution.  

Join the YESsoccer coach recruitment pool now by completing a brief application below

Recruitment Process

1. Online Application to YESsoccer

2. Consultation & Interview with YEScoach ID staff member

3. YESsoccer SICA (Coaching Agreement)

4. Submission of Recruitment Paperwork

5. Invitation and Attendance to YEScoach ID event

6. Non-immigrant visa application (Information, Instruction and Guidance provided by YESsoccer)

7. Confirmation of Club Placement

Qualifications & Experience

YESsoccer accepts only the most qualified, mature, and imaginative coaches.  

Applicants must hold a relevant soccer coaching qualification from their national governing body and have extensive experience in coaching youth age groups.

What do YESsoccer provide?

YESsoccer provides full coaching uniform and provides accommodation, transport and gas expenses whilst conducting coaching on top of your coaching wages. YESsoccer also provides full support, training and helps promote career opportunities where possible. 

How much does it cost?

YESsoccer does not charge applicants any upfront membership fees.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide their own flights and pay relevant US embassy fees imposed to conduct a visa interview. YESsoccer staff also pay a 100 GBP payment towards immigration costs. 

Where will I Stay?

During the spring and fall, trainers typically stay in one place and often live with a family in a local community. When you are working on summer camps, which typically last one week, you will work and live in different communities every week, usually staying with a host family who have a child in the program. 

What do I get paid?

Each coach earns an hourly rate or flat rate for spring and fall programs, and a camp rate during the summer camps season. The amount appears on your seasonal coaching agreement and varies according to your length of experience with YESsoccer and your coaching qualifications. 

Learn More

For more information and to schedule a brief consultation with a YESsoccer recruitment specialist please e-mail 


"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with YESsoccer. I had an amazing time, I got to work with really great people, and made new friends for life! I have learned so much and feel like I have become a better coach and a better person from my time here." 

Sarah Healy - YESambassador

"Thanks for the cheque. Much appreciated and always on time."

Ryan Coyle - YESconnect

"I have had a great time working with all involved with YESsoccer and for such an enthusiastic and growing company. The kids in the States are great and the families are so generous! I have enjoyed every minute and can't wait to come back in the spring. I have learnt from everyone associated with YESsoccer in regards to coaching and feel that I have more knowledge now from the drills and exercises both YESsoccer staff and my peers have shown me, so I thank you all for that."

Stu Green - YESambassador 

Just to let you know this whole experience has been absolutely fantastic. We are still here in the States and I've learned so much as a coach as well as enjoying every minute of it. Thanks again for giving me this opportunity. 

Stuart Hughes - YEScamps Coach