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Total Recruitment Solution

What is YESconnect?

YESconnect is a single-source soccer recruitment solution, available anywhere in the U.S. We connect your club, community or organization with full-time, year-round elite international coaches, and we handle immigration, insurance and payroll so that you can focus on leading and growing your club.

Why choose YESconnect?

We know that being running a club has pain points: you manage field and game schedules, finances, parents, uniforms, all while trying to develop your players with the best coaching you can provide.  

YESconnect will give you more time to manage and develop your club. YESconnect will help you retain parents and players who are seeking a higher level of coaching, but are weary of the time and expense involved in traveling to get it. 

How Does YESconnect Work?

Stage One - Club identifies a need for a full-time, professional coach.

Stage Two - Club speaks with YESconnect Specialist Matt Brown (@yttaM_) to provide information on the available position and what they would look for from potential coaches. 

Stage Three - Matt Brown interviews a number of candidates from the YESsoccer Coaches Pool & provides the club with a selection of profiles to review.

Stage Four - Once the club has narrowed down the potential coaches to fill the open position, Matt Brown arranges for the Club to speak with those coaches. 

Stage Five - The Club selects the coach whom they wish to fill the position & Matt Brown manages the coaches transition over to the US and into their new long-term position. 

Our YESconnect service will recruit the right coach for your organization and provide them with all the neccessary Human Resource Solutions needed, including; immigration support, payroll, insurance, and transportation at no extra cost to your club.

To learn how our YESconnect program can help you grow your club and retain your players, contact us today at brown.m@yessoccer.net.  

Are you thinking about coaching youth soccer in the U.S. in 2012?  Do it!