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Selling Authentic

By Chris Andrew of Chicago Fire Camps & Training, 05/15/12, 6:37PM EDT


'Permeability' is defined in the Earth Sciences as a measure of the ability of a material to transmit fluids.  It's not a word often linked to youth soccer development.

I think it should be.  

When we are selling our products and services, our camps, training programs, supplementary training and clinics we are expecting the prospect to be 'permeable' to our idea.  We expect them to let us through into their world, recognize that what we have is the best thing for their organization, and be open to what we are offering.

But we are the ones that need to be permeable.

Before we can expect coaches, clubs and boards to partner with us, we need to let them into our world, and show them why we are in this business on a more personal level.  

If you left everything you had in the U.K. to help children and volunteers have a more enjoyable and productive experience with football, then tell them that.

I did, and I do.

Greg Gardner, a sales coach at IBM, calls this 'Selling Authentic.'  I love the simplicity and truth that implies.

Try letting those coaches, parents and board members into your world, so that they understand your motivation.  If you don't, then you are no different from any other salesperson pushing their product for a buck.