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By YESsoccer, 09/07/12, 2:36PM EDT


YESsoccer and Giant Eagle Make Nutrition A Family Affair

YESsoccer wants to help you give your family a competitive advantage through better nutrition. 

We are proud to announce Say YES To Food, a family nutrition initiative in partnership with grocer Giant Eagle.  

We'll share health and wellness tips with you from Giant Eagle's team of dietitians and wellness coaches - tips that your busy soccer family can use to shop, cook and eat healthier.  

At right, Giant Eagle's registered dietitian Caroline shows you how to slow cook a delicious turkey chili with help from your kids.       

Say YES To Food is a by-product of our work with elite soccer players at our National Talent Center, where we teach players to eat better to train better to play better.   

We know that learning to eat healthier is a process, with its ups and downs, but as Giant Eagle will show you, that process doesn't have to be boring, or tasteless.  You can say YES to food.  

In a busy soccer family, you spend a lot of your time scheduling, running, watching, rooting.  Why not spend some of it learning how to eat healthier?

You'll give your kids a competitive advantage, and give yourself one, too.