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SweatX Cures Shoe Odor

Do Your Boots Stink?

By YESsoccer, 12/30/12, 4:15AM EST


We Found The Cure

If you've ever been crammed in a Toyota Scion with four soccer coaches after a long August day of camp you know what boot stink is.  

And if you've ever car-pooled home from a practice or tournament you've suffered a variety of shocking equipment odors, from "hockey hands" to helmet funk.

You need to try SweatX, an amazing new product that doesn't just mask athletic odor, it actually lifts and eliminates it.

SweatX is a biodegradable and non-toxic spray with a truly fresh scent, a nearly neutral pH, and no adverse dermal impact. 

The best part? You will smell good while you do good: click here to get your own bottle, and SweatX will donate 15% of your purchase to Autism Speaks.