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YEScoach ID

By YESsoccer, 02/26/14, 8:00AM EST


Growing Our U.S. Coaching Team

YESsoccer thanks and congratulates the aspiring coaches who came from around the U.K. & Ireland last weekend to attend our fourth annual YEScoach ID event, where we added to our U.S. coaching team for the spring training season.  

For the second year in a row, YESsoccer invited the standout candidates from months of recruitment to Aston Villa's Academy Building for a day of assessment and education. 

Chris Andrew directs YESsoccer's Soccer In The Community affiliate for the Chicago Fire, and he led Sunday's event, looking to add to his staff for 2014. He noted the maturity and experience of the coaches on display: 

"I was pleased to see young men and women that I would be proud to have on my team in Chicago. We get involved in communities, and we truly want to help clubs develop. So we're looking for real professionals, people who want to be much more than activity-leaders, people who want to make a career in soccer." 

Matt Brown heads recruitment for YESsoccer and appreciates the willingness of experienced coaches to engage in what can be a rigorous selection process: 

"I'm always particularly appreciative of coaches that have prior experience coaching in the U.S. submitting themselves to our recruitment process. It tells me that they will be teachable and will serve our partner clubs well. I've found that the most professional coaches are typically the most humble." 

The outstanding candidates selected from the YEScoach ID event will have the privilege of serving in a variety of coaching roles within YESsoccer partner clubs across the U.S., including our Chicago Fire SITC affiliate.

To apply for a U.S. position in 2014 or beyond, please contact us at to receive an application. 

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Our YEScoach ID Team

Our YEScoach ID Team at Aston Villa

I've found that the most professional coaches are typically the most humble.