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By Hugh Mertz , 05/12/18, 8:00AM EDT


Part Two - Purpose

At YESsoccer we connect coaches to purpose. We believe the ultimate purpose of coaching is to positively impact young people, some of whom are in challenging family situations, all of whom are growing up in the age of social media. It's the age of insecurity, and a tough time to be a kid.

As the kids we serve grow up, they might forget how our camp or training curriculum made them better players, but they will never forget how a coach named Molly, or Kieran, or Jemma, or Walter, or Juliette, or any of a hundred other great YEScoaches made them feel better about themselves, made them smile, and helped them learn to love the game.   

And now our purpose extends all the way to Haiti, where YESsoccer is providing the financial support, equipment, and the coaching to build a soccer program at Yahve Jire orphanage near Port Au Prince, helping kids grow up in one of the toughest places on earth. 

Those are the kind of young men and women that coach for YESsoccer. They understand how their preparation, passion and hard work positively impact kids and families, and even make outreach to the less fortunate possible. That's the true purpose of coaching.