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A Coach In The U.S.

By YESsoccer, 06/15/15, 9:45AM EDT


Bryce Waddington

A Coach In The U.S. spotlights international coaches who have made successful careers in the U.S. with YESsoccer

Bryce Waddington joined our team as a YEScamps coach in the summer of 2012 before helping a number of clubs in the PA region develop their Long Term Player Development models in his role as a YESambassador.  

Matt Brown directs recruitment for YESsoccer. He caught up with Bryce recently and asked him to tell us how he made it in America...

Tell us about your background and how you got into coaching?

After my playing career came to an end in 2007, I traveled to the U.S. with another company to coach for a summer on the West Coast. It was an enjoyable experience and I knew I wanted to build a career for myself in the U.S., but it was not the right time for me to do so in terms of my education and what the company could offer me. So I returned to the U.K. and finished my BTEC in Sports Science and degree in Sports Coaching.

While in my final year at University, I reached out to Matt Brown about any possible coaching opportunities and I came out that year to Pittsburgh, PA. My first few months here were actually spent finishing my degree and sending my course tutors my final assignments while getting used to coaching in America again. It was a very smooth transition and one I am grateful was able to work for me, for my University and for YESsoccer.

Why did you chose to coach in the U.S.?

I chose the U.S. because of the potential to reach a fairly new audience to the sport compared to England, Spain etc... The U.S. is certainly a captive audience when it comes to soccer education and one willing to listen to new ideas, in order to progress. 

The amount of potential that the U.S. has in the soccer world is beyond compare, with interest ever increasing and the level of players increasing, it was the perfect place to coach something I love.

What is your coaching Philosophy?

There is a lot of talk about coaching Philosophies within the sport and throughout the world. The Dutch philosophy, Barcelona’s philosophy etc…

A lot of coaches love to play attractive soccer and to entertain but when it comes to youth development, I think this has to be interchangeable with developing the basics, a knowledge of the game and the ability to adapt to the conditions. A one size fits all approach to youth development does not fit my style of coaching.

What were your goals when you joined first joined the YESsoccer team?

YESsoccer allowed me the opportunity to expand my education of different coaching environments. From coaching at the recreational level on a summer camp, to leading coach education sessions throughout the season, to leading my own teams practices on a weekly basis.  I have always wanted to coach at a high level, whilst continuing to learn from my peers and YESsoccer has created an environment where that is not only encouraged, but expected.

Tell us a little about your time in the U.S., the roles you have performed and how you have developed as a coach?

I have had three amazing years with YESsoccer. I have been based around Pittsburgh for the majority of my time here and truly could not have asked for a better place to be. While in Pittsburgh I have helped develop programs, summer talent schools and most recently became an assistant Regional Manager.

All of the roles I have performed and the programs I have worked within have rounded me into the coach I set out to be in 2007. I would like to thank my peers here at YESsoccer, the volunteer coaches and board members within the clubs I have worked and parents who have supported my approaches. 

I am not not only a better coach due to the support I've received, but also a better, more well-rounded person. 

What is next for you?

Just this week, I have accepted a new position as Director of Coaching with the PA Crew. I am extremely excited and privileged to accept the position and I do so with the long term goal of putting a consistent, sustainable structure in place to allow every level of the club the opportunity to develop to its maximum potential. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for me to move forward in my coaching career and it gives me a great opportunity to put the skills I have developed over the past 3 years into action.

I want to thank YESsoccer for not only the opportunity they gave me to be here in America but also for the support to further myself as a coach in my new role.