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Field of Values

By Chris Andrew, 12/10/15, 11:45AM EST


Our 4-3-3

At YESsoccer, we recruit people who share our values.  

I am on the front lines of recruitment as the manager of our YEScoach ID process, so I am always looking for a better way to describe our company values to prospective coaches. I believe that a clear value system performs a valuable HR function: it attracts the people that will thrive on our YESsoccer team and repels the people that won't.  

At our 5th annual YESsoccer summit last week, our development team collaborated to create a graphic that sets out the values that have made YESsoccer one of America's fastest growing companies and a staffing partner for some of America's best soccer clubs. 

Our development team is a diverse group of coaches, some of whom have been serving our staff and our partner clubs from YESsoccer's launch in January, 2011 - veteran coaches (and great friends) such as Tom Butler from Connecticut and Phil Thomas from Texas. Our team also benefits from the fresh perspectives of coaches like Walter Clapton, who at 21 is already in his third season coaching and serving clubs in the Pittsburgh area. 

Walter was a vocal part of a day-long discussion of our company values. For five years our company behavior has been guided by what's important to our ownership, and we devoted day one of our summit to laying that value system out in a manner that we could all communicate to prospective coaches and partner clubs. That's easier said than done.

After hours of discussing our core company value of humility and the attractive directions in which it spokes, our development team agreed on 11 values, which led Walter to a light bulb moment: "We have 11 values - why not make them a team?"

As our development team nodded in approval, the values were jotted down as key attributes in a 4-4-2 formation. Because we are all coaches, this then sparked a new debate: why 4-4-2? That's an old formation. YESsoccer values innovation, so why not play the fashionable 4-3-3?

Once the formation was selected, the team then took the discussion a step further and assigned positions to our key attributes, reflecting the qualities needed to play that position effectively. 

For example, Humility is the captain. The right fullback is Flexible. And the value we place on communication was expressed through the goalkeeper. Walter pointed out that goalkeepers need to do the most talking during a game, as they can see the whole field. 

Once the positions were assigned and the Field of Values was finalized, our development team agreed that in order for any coach to join our team, they must study, understand and live on that field throughout their employment with YESsoccer. Their audience will be the parents, clubs, players and partners we serve. As with any other team, if they do not perform the fans will let them know about it. 

But if the team performs well, we receive the crowd's approval, and we have the potential to change lives and positively impact kids, families and communities. 

Have a look at our Field Of Values below. Is this the kind of team you'd like to play on? If so, please connect with me at or follow me on Twitter.

We're currently accepting applications for our 6th Annual YEScoach ID Day at Aston Villa on February 28, 2016 and I would love to help get you there.

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